A Reason to March20170118103738

A Reason to March

Leonine Public AffairsJanuary 18, 20170 comments
By Alex MacLean Before leaving the house on Election Day I told my two-year old daughter that by the time she woke up the next day we would have our f...
Vermont’s Budget and Revenue Problem20170112124243

Vermont’s Budget and Revenue Problem

Leonine Public AffairsJanuary 12, 20170 comments
By Scott Mackey Vermont has a budget and revenue problem – one that is simple to explain but difficult to solve. The problem is that our revenue syste...
2017 Legislative Review Preview20170106101411

2017 Legislative Review Preview

Leonine Public AffairsJanuary 6, 20170 comments
Introduction From the election of Donald Trump, to congressional gridlock, to Brexit, 2016 was a year of heightened political activity. Some changes w...
Change is good!20161205104659

Change is good!

Leonine Public AffairsDecember 5, 20160 comments
Change is good! At KSE Partners we’ve been experiencing a lot of change recently. After nearly 30 years in business we are changing our name and after...