FOCUS, a Leonine Public Affairs business, has announced an online 50-state COVID-19 resources website, updated daily and available to the general public.

“COVID-19 policy is being handled on a state-by-state basis, making this website an invaluable resource for policymakers and government affairs professionals during this unprecedented time,” said Leif Johnson, President of FOCUS. “From stay-at-home orders to tax regulations to budget overviews, this site details how every state in the nation is responding to the ongoing challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The COVID-19 resources site can be found at: http://fierce-dolls.flywheelsites.com/covid-19-briefing/.

Additionally, FOCUS is also offering a new service, Industry Impact Watch, which provides tailored coverage of state policy actions related to COVID-19 affecting businesses or trade associations. To learn more about accessing this resource please visit: http://fierce-dolls.flywheelsites.com/industry-impact/

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