Crisis Communications In The COVID-19 Era20200409142605

Crisis Communications In The COVID-19 Era

By Alex MacLean The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest crisis that most of us have ever faced. A few short months ago it was unimaginable that healthca...
Truth and Reconciliation20171206112606

Truth and Reconciliation

Leonine Public AffairsDecember 6, 2017, 0 comments
By: Clare Buckley We are extricating ourselves from a system that insulted our common humanity by dividing us from one another on the basis of race an...


Leonine Public AffairsOctober 18, 20170 comments
By Alexandra MacLean I wrote a blog last week on the largely negative impacts that social media has had and continues to have on politics here in Verm...
Change is good!20161205104659

Change is good!

Leonine Public AffairsDecember 5, 20160 comments
Change is good! At KSE Partners we’ve been experiencing a lot of change recently. After nearly 30 years in business we are changing our name and after...